The Lakdawala Lab Is Currently Hiring Post-Doctoral Positions!!

Are you interested in microscopes? Do you think viruses are cool? We are looking for you! The Lakdawala Lab (at the University of Pittsburgh) uses sophisticated microscopy to study how influenza viruses assemble inside of cells. We have an NIH funded position for a researcher to use our custom built light-sheet microscope and study how viral infection manipulates the host trafficking machinery. This work is an on-going collaboration with Dr. Hari Shroff (NIBIB) to use high spatiotemporal imaging to examine influenza virus assembly and reassortment.

We are a diverse and inclusive group looking for enthusiastic researchers interested in cross-disciplinary science. Ideal candidates include 1) cell biologist/virologist interested in learning microscopy techniques, 2) biophysics or optics PhDs with a desire to learn virology/cell biology,  or 3) you and your unique background.

Position is open now and we will continue to consider applicants until it is filled. Come be Flu-rescent with us!!

Send CV and cover letter to Lakdawala_AT_pitt.edu