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Lakdawala SS, Lamirande EW, Suguitan A, Wang W, Santos C, Vogel L, Matsuoka Y, Lindsley WG, Jin H, Subbarao K “Eurasian-origin gene segments contribute to the transmissibility, aerosol release, and morphology of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus” PloS Pathogens, 2011, Dec 7(12).

Lakdawala SS+, Shih AR+, Jayaraman A+, Lamirande EW, Moore I, Paskel M, Sasisekharan R, Subbarao K “Receptor Specificity does not affect Replication or Virulence of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in Mice and Ferrets” Virology, 2013, Nov; 446(1-2):349-56
+ Authors contributed equally to the work

Lakdawala SS*, Wu Y, Wawrzusin P, Kabat J, Broadbent AJ, Lamirande EW, Fodor E, Altan-Bonnet N, Shroff H*, Subbarao K “Influenza A intermediate Fuse in the Cytoplasm” PLoS Pathogens, 2014, March 6, 10(3).
Cover Article for March Issue *Corresponding Authors

Lakdawala SS, Jayaraman A, Halpin RA, Lamirande EW, Shih AR, Stockwell T, Lin X, Simenauer A, Hanson C, Vogel L, Paskel M, Minai M, Moore I, Orandle M, Das S, Wentworth D, Sasisekharan R, Subbarao K “The Soft Palate is an Important Site of Adaptation for Transmissible Influenza Viruses” Nature, 2015, Oct 1;526(7571):122-5

Moreira ÉA, Weber A, Bolte H, Kolesnikova L, Giese S, Lakdawala S, Beer M, Zimmer G, García-Sastre A, Schwemmle M, Juozapaitis M. A conserved influenza A virus nucleoprotein code controls specific viral genome packaging Nature Communications, 2016 Sep 21; 7(12861).